First Class Communication | PR writing calls for new skills
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PR writing calls for new skills

PR writing calls for new skills

joy at computerBy Joy Spence
First Class Communication Summer Intern
I thought that writing for public relations would be an easy transition. After all, I study creative writing in college. But I’m learning that writing for different companies and causes — while it may seem straightforward — requires an entirely different skill set.

Creative writing classes at my school emphasize creating a unique voice. We are taught that good writing stems from a strong technical background coupled with a vivid imagination.

Writing for PR requires both of these traits, but deviates from the use of a singular voice. The PR writer must mask her stylized voice in order to write for others.

One of my first projects for First Class Communication was an emailed save-the-date card. At first I was so focused on style that I almost forgot to add the date! The company often uses humor to market itself; my card was relatively unexciting. By not focusing on the company, I couldn’t successfully advertise its event.

Good PR starts with communicating the right message in a clear, simple way. It requires you, the writer, to embody the company/person for whom you are writing. Only once you have command of the company’s values and presence can you accurately speak for them. If the message is clear and the style is correct, then you can create some first class communication!
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