First Class Communication | A Summer to Remember!
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A Summer to Remember!

A Summer to Remember!

By Joy Spence and Raneisha Stassin

Believe it or not, interning at First Class Communication is more than drinking coffee and discussing the pros and cons of (FCC partner) Dauphne Trenholm’s next epic Halloween costume! It was a fun, yet valuable experience. Here are some of the things we learned at our summer at First Class! FCC coffee house work

Social Media not just social
What stood out most was the extent to which First Class plans its clients’ social media campaigns.

Every post that First Class creates is well thought-out and is written to achieve a specific goal for the client. It’s not just another retweeted article—it’s content that supports the company’s key messages, adds value to users’ lives and builds an engaged audience.

Some social media posts build rapport with the community, some target influencers of the company and some relay the company’s key messages.

We learned the importance of understanding the messages the clients want to convey. Julie Johnson Holt (FCC partner) and Dauphne equipped us with the tools needed to get those messages to the right people.

Blogging for better relationships
We were introduced to blog writing as a PR tool. Blogs establish the company as experts in their given domain and give clients an opportunity to connect with their target audience. Consistent blog posts, at bare minimum, show that the company is engaged online with their clients.

Writing blog posts for different companies requires the PR writer to take on the voice of the company. While content for a spa might be professional and soothing, content for a children’s museum will need to be more fun and upbeat! Every story, whether it be for social media, a blog or a newsletter, is tailored to a specific audience.

While writing blogs and managing social media was fun, the most important thing about working with them are the relationships we helped build. Julie and Dauphne taught us the importance of developing those relationships and how they benefit each client.

Our biggest takeaway is that the thought Julie and Dauphne put into the work they do are the reasons they are such incredible businesswomen. They have been fantastic mentors, and we have been lucky to learn and grow with them this summer!

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