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A Summer to Remember!

By Joy Spence and Raneisha Stassin Believe it or not, interning at First Class Communication is more than drinking coffee and discussing the pros and cons of (FCC partner) Dauphne Trenholm’s next epic Halloween costume! It was a fun, yet valuable experience. Here are some of...

Clients’ social media not like my social media

By Summer Intern Raneisha Stassin I grew up in the age of rapidly changing technology. I watched the way people communicate switch from landline and pagers to flip phones and smart phones. I spent my entire high school career engaged in social media, connecting with people all...

What’s your story?

Your organization is special, right? Of course it is! You have a mission that's all your own, accomplishments only you can claim. You know what your real story is, but does anyone else? Telling the story of who you are and where you are going is vital...