First Class Communication | Clients’ social media not like my social media
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Clients’ social media not like my social media

Clients’ social media not like my social media

By Summer Intern Raneisha Stassin

I grew up in the age of rapidly changing technology. I watched the way people communicate switch from landline and pagers to flip phones and smart phones.
I spent my entire high school career engaged in social media, connecting with people all around the world. It became second nature for me, or so I thought.
Creating posts for myself was simple. I had a thought, and I would condense it and share it with the world. Through my internship experience with First Class Communication, however, I have learned that strategic social media is much more complex than that.

Managing social media for a business requires much more thought and less — make that no — impulse. I have learned to understand the message clients want to deliver. I recognize that I am not speaking on my behalf but on behalf of others. This requires me to fully understand who they are and who they are speaking to.
Learning to communicate on behalf of others has helped me grow as a writer. I spend more time reflecting on the words I am writing to effectively connect with those around me.
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  • Tiffany Hathorn

    July 15, 2016 at 2:54 pm Reply

    So true! I share a lot on social media and I am definitely more intentional when curating and creating content for my social media platforms.

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