First Class Communication | Client Spotlight: A better Arkansas with Community Resource Innovations
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Client Spotlight: A better Arkansas with Community Resource Innovations

Client Spotlight: A better Arkansas with Community Resource Innovations

Community Resource Innovations is a new Arkansas company that assists communities wanting to improve their schools and their overall quality of life. We are so pleased to have them as a client! We particularly enjoy working for businesses and nonprofits whose desire for a better Arkansas so closely aligns with ours.

CRI Logo copySo what exactly does CR Innovations do? In short, it provides the missing link for community groups working to improve life for their students and citizens. Whether you want help identifying assets and needs, recruiting partners or finding resources, CR Innovations has the expertise to guide and/or support every step of your efforts.

Partners Jerri Derlikowski and Maria Jones bring years of experience to the company, making this new venture solid in its capacity from the get-go.

“Jerri and I have worked together on and off for many years in state government and on women’s rights issues,” Maria says. “My background is primarily in public health, and Jerri’s background is in education and community development. We both recently decided to follow our passion for supporting families through public schools and formed Community Resource Innovations, LLC.”

When working on education projects, CR Innovations often employs the community schools model. That model focuses on bringing resources from within the community to provide those wrap-around services so many students need to overcome barriers to learning. Think of a health clinic housed in the school building, or after school programs that provide tutoring and meals.

“We also work on health initiatives and community development efforts in rural Arkansas,” Maria says.

Community groups and nonprofit organizations working on any of these issues will find that working with Jerri and Maria enhances their efforts.

“We value the experience and program knowledge that Jerri and Maria bring to the table,” says Patty Barker with Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance.

“They are invaluable to non-profit advocates working to build awareness of their issues and influence decision makers at the local, state and national level,” Patty explains, adding,  “We are looking forward to working with Community Resource Innovations in the days ahead.”

If you are looking for effective solutions for preblems and  challenges in your hometown, give Community Resource Innovations a call. We know you’ll benefit from the wisdom and services they offer.

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